Yamaha YZF R1 - motorcycle Inner Rim Sticker kit - GLOSS

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Photo is for reference only - Correct colour and text will be sent.Each set comes with:4 stickers (2 large - rear rim, 2 small - front rim)Sticking guide - a step by step guide to fit the rim linersPurchase 2 sets for a balanced look for your motorcycle. 2 sets has 8 stickers so you may stick them on the left side and right side,4 stickers on each wheel, 2 on each side, one up, one down on your beloved motorcycle for that awesome look.Our decals are made of high quality, waterproof, durable 3M ( for reflective colors ) and Oracal ( non reflective colors ). These stickers are durable, have strong adhesive and colour quality. Our decals don't damage your undercoat upon removal. Don't buy the knock off stuff that is cheap, they don't last. Our products are:1) Guaranteed 1 YEAR against cracking or discolouration2) Have a 30 day refund policy 3) 1 to 1 exchange for any manufacturing defect4) Regarding the colour of Stickers please refer to the title and cross reference with the Colour Table.SportsBike EST 1996.