About Us

With a history of design and development, testing and manufacturing products for Motorcycles, we look to find the products needed to solve the problems we encounter while riding and racing Motorcycles.

Like fellow riders, we are always interested in improving results and riding better, but we also aim to make riding easier, less expensive and more enjoyable if we can.
We are a small family company who are dedicated and committed to our customers and the riders who use our products. Like you, we are passionate about what we do. We are hands on, involved and pleased to bring you our range of Clutch solutions from CNC Racing, STM Slipper Clutches, MPL Tuning, Sigma, Ducabike and our brand Mr Clutch.
In this web site we present the Clutch products we manufacture and the highest quality level products from International manufactures.

We will send World wide so if you wish to find out more or place an order, please contact us so we can assist you.
Postal Address:

Australia Telephone/Fax: 02 9836 0774
International Telephone/Fax: +61 2 9836 0774